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Colorado Discount Nutrition

Here at Colorado Discount Nutrition, we take pride in offering the best customer service to everyone. We accomplish this with industry leading low prices, the largest selection of trusted top name brands, and our local community events. Our community events give back to the communities and people that support our business. Giving our customers blowout sales and a chance to meet with brand ambassadors with loads of free samples and new information about their favorite brands. Along with special giveaways and money off of your favorite supplements!

At all of our locations, we staff the best employees. A full staff of NAFC certified nutrition coaches to bring you a 5-star health and nutrition experience. At select locations, we provide industry breaking service that has never been seen in supplement stores; a fully functioning smoothie and juice bar! With a variety of refreshing and healthy choices for all to enjoy. Come on in and visit us at one of our four locations in Colorado.


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