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Westminster, CO – Local Nutrition / Supplement News: My Keto Diet Story

I started the Keto Diet three years ago as I was searching for a diet to provide the most optimal health.

My desire to improve my health and especially increase my energy levels brought me to the Ketogenic Diet and I haven’t looked back. Since my life changing dietary habits, I have found sustained energy through out the entire day. Were before when i relied on carbs and sugar for energy, I would experience major swings in energy with major mid day crashes.

Since Keto entered my diet, I no longer experience those energy deficiencies. On the other hand, quite the opposite, my energy drive is sustained thru out the day. With the Ketogenic diet, your energy source is no longer from carbs and sugar. My energy source is now from healthy dietary fats, subsequently, I’m burning my body fat all day long. Other positive benefits that other people can get from the Keto diet is rapid and sustained weight loss. One of the major benefits I experience is increase cognitive function and mental clarity.

Also, some supplements that aided in my Ketogenic journal, are Nutrakey Carnatine, Sparta BHB Salts, Trace Minerals Electrolytes, and NutraBio Isolate protein and Myovite multi vitamin. Ive included pictures of these supplements so that you can research them for your own needs, or stop by and see me at Colorado Discount Nutrition Super Store and I’ll be more than happy to talk Keto with you.

In closing, the Ketogenic diet may not be for everyone, but it works great for me. If you have any question or would like more insights on the Keto diet reach out to me any time.


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