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Denver, CO – Peak 02 (Mushroom) Nutritional Supplements Review: Buy At Our Store

PEAK 02 NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTPeak 02 is a blend of  6 culinary mushrooms which are organically grown on oatmeal to improve potency and quality. 

Compound solutions, the company that brought us other patented blends like Teacrine, Dynamine, Carb10 , and vaso 6;  Created this blend of: Cordyceps Militaris, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Miatake, Reishi,and shiitake.Because mushrooms are just about the only food that has been shown to both improve your immune system and reduce inflammation, this blend can help with just about every aspect of improving efficiency in a workout. Its mechanism of action is the increased uptake and efficient utilization of oxygen, which also means more efficient ATP production. Additionally, its beta glucans and l-ergothioneine make it a free radical scavenger, which can increase the half life of some nutrients while improving immune response in recovery.

It has been shown to decrease rest time between sets, It has been shown to increase power output during those sets, It has been shown to increase V02 Max, And it has been shown to improve recovery post exercise.

Although there is evidence to suggest that it can work with its 1st use of at least 2 grams. Peak O2 has a 28g saturation benefit, meaning that it takes about 1 to 2 weeks depending on whether or not you consumed 2 to 4 g a day, before the full effects and endurance benefits are felt. This is why some users prefer peak 02 to other supplements which provide a saturation benefit, like Beta-alanine, which requires 160 grams to reach its saturation level before users experience full benefits.

At Colorado Discount Nutrition, we have at least 4 sources to find Peak O2, In both Preworkouts like the musclesport “Black Rhino Pump” and Black market “fit”, and amino acid powders like the musclesport “Amino NRG” and Xtend’s “Elite series BCAA”. Give us a call or come stop by our store if you are in the area for an experience like no other.

Written by: Johnnie Wolfe


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