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Denver, CO - Cooking With Milk Protein.

Today we are going to culminate our section on milk based proteins with a series of cooking tips and recipes.  At the bottom of the blog we will post links to the websites which provide both the tips and the recipes so you can try them at home.

Now the 1st thing to consider is what you’re going to be cooking and what kind of consistency you want to get.

If you’re baking a cake it’s possible to replace something up to 1/3 of the initial flour content with whey or whey isolate protein, and there’s some argument that you can replace even more of the flour content if you use a whey and casein blend. Like QUEST protein which is actually made to be cooked with. But it’s important to remember that some companies use whey to help brown the edges of crust faster. This indicates that it’s easy to burn and quick to do so. A website called Teaspoon of Spice, which we will link below, has a fantastic banana bread recipe in which they replace a portion of the banana bread with whey protein powder. In the article they recommend cooking in stoneware instead of metal, or cooking at a lower temperature for a longer period of time, or covering the baked goods in aluminum foil to help retain some moisture. The website also recommends using peanut butter to add fats to the mixture, but this is the case for all proteins, just more so for whey because an isolate would be filtered free of any naturally occurring fats.

Over all, whey protein is the preferred protein for making baked goods because it is fluffy and often flavorless or at least slightly sweet.  Which is where we begin to consider the other half of foods that we might prepare; foods that do not have to be cooked, like yogurts, puddings, dough/date bars, or even some types of cookies. As we’ve mentioned before casein has a greater molecular weight, which causes it to cook differently. This makes casein problematic for cooking as a baked good because most of the time it will leave the center mushy and under cooked. This also holds the potential to cook softer cookies, but we advise people to explore at their own risk, it is not a replacement for peanut protein, but it acts similarly. Otherwise, when used in almost any other circumstance Casein has a fuller/richer flavor, It mixes thicker, and it provides the opportunity for long term protein absorption from a snack.

Thank you for joining us, we will be posting some recipes and tips to alter those recipes in future blogs. So stay tuned for more.

Live Healthy and Happy!

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