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Co. Westminster Colorado Discount Nutrition: The Incredible Edible EGG Protein

Last week we covered Animal based proteins and unfortunately, aside from beef there aren’t a lot of options for other animal proteins that are not already combined with beef, Eggcept for one!

Om’lette you in on a little secret, its the incredible, edible, egg!TM

Trust me, egg proteins are no yolk, they’re a great way around lactose intolerance, they’re kosher, halal, paleo, keto, and they’ve been shown to work synergistically with other proteins. Eggs don’t have to be processed with some extensive or exuberant extraction. They really just have to be pasteurized to fry away the bacteria. That means you can find them powderized, crystallized, or even liquefied. And if you’re into new things then you and a friend named Sam can get some muscle egg, and try green eggs and ham.

But don’t cry foul just yet! Eggs aren’t just a dietary and allergen friendly option.Eggs are filled with over 18 vitamins and minerals, have the highest bioavailibility of any protein source, they improve absorption of other nutrients, and more recent research has shown that eating whole egg is healthier than eating egg whites, regardless of the cholesterol involved. As a protein source that makes egg protein the big rooster on campus. Because of the fats, eggs digest just a little slower, about 6 hours on average. That means they can be a perfect nighttime protein or companion to other proteins used before bed. Egg is regularly used alongside whey protein to keep muscle protein synthesis levels high for longer periods; and adversely, egg protein tends to foam when used by itself, but when mixed with whey the foaming subsides.

Cooking with eggs makes things even more fun! Eggs act similarly to whey protein in that they lighten up breads and cook easier. But eggs, especially high fat ones like goose eggs, are used to retain flavor in confectioneries. But the lower the fat content the more fluff eggs add. You’ll have to consider this if you cook with 3-4 egg whites instead of 2 extra large whole eggs. And some powdered or crystallized egg whites can be cooked into omelettes just by adding water, or they can be mixed into other eggs to make a very thick omelette.

If you’re excited about egg protein, come on down to Colorado Discount Nutrition. Our certified nutritionist each have their own favorite egg protein, whether its Muscle Egg’s tutti frutti fruit loop flavor, Gaspari’s rich caramel egg protein, 5% nutrition’s egg crystals mixed with all natural carbs, or just plain old fashioned NOW brand egg protein for any scenario that comes your way. 


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